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Scientists from Massachusetts University of Technology have created a portable pharmaceutical factory

The device will be useful for use in war zones and pest spots.

Italians launch a music flash mob on quarantine.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, people of Rome quarantine perform their favorite musical compositions in open windows during a flash mob taking place in Italian cities.

QR code tablets help to solve a dosage problem

QR code is formed from the substances of the preparation itself by printing on an inkjet printer.

Newborn Twins - Corona and Covid

A married couple in India named their twins born during the world pandemic, Corona and Covid.

The WHO has announced the acceleration of studies of the vaccine against coronavirus

Coronavirus vaccine studies are being performed in more than 70 countries around the world according to the head of the World Health Organization Mr. Tedros Adan Gebreisus.

Scientists develops a synthetic vaccine in tablets

The creation of vaccines in tablets would be a real breakthrough. It would facilitate not only the vaccination procedure itself, but also the transportation and storage of drugs.

In the US, pharmacists are allowed to use COVID-19 tests

A manual allowing licensed pharmacists to order and apply FDA-approved COVID-19 tests has been published.

How medicines fight cancer: Incredible images enlarged 2000 times

Eye of Science, a scientific photo studio from Germany, has presented cancer cells multi-coloured images by using new technologies.

Google develops a new nanoparticle-based drug

This year, Google has focused on expanding its healthcare capabilities. A new tablet with nanoparticles may help to detect diseases at an early stage.

BCG vaccine will be tested for effectiveness against COVID-19

An international team of researchers plans to test the BCG vaccine for enhanced immunity against coronavirus infection.