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Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

The company and its management won many awards and titles:

State Level Export Award / Highest Growth on Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Allied Products – for the highest export growth rate

One Star Export House – for export volumes

Rajasthan Jewel Of The Industry's Award – for presenting the best commercial practices

Ayush Premium Mark – for premium product quality for domestic and international markets based on quality assessment by a third party in compliance with regulatory requirements

Import Export Award – gold and silver medals in the ranking of exporting enterprises

We are glad to announce that after completion of national estimation of enterprises of Ukraine in the sphere of foreign economic activity «IMPORT EXPORT AWARD» our company has entered the top 100 companies in the categories "Diversification" and "Imorter of the Year 2016" and has received the gold of the rating, as well as:

  • 57th place (silver) among exporters in the category "Diversification" (commodity group 210690)
  • 58th place (silver) among exporters in the category "Diversification" (commodity group 2106)
  • 80th place (silver) among exporters in the category "Diversification" (commodity group 21)
  • 2nd place (gold) among exporters in the category "Diversification" (commodity group 210390)
  • 7th place (gold) among exporters in the category "Diversification" (commodity group 210690)

It is an important contribution to the social and economic development of Ukraine. These results, once again, testify to reliability and availability of Ananta Medicare Ltd.

We will strive to strengthen the top positions and the confidence!

The president of the company, Mr Pradeep Kumar Jain, was awarded numerous certificates of honor and gratitude from the Ministry of Health, the Regional State Administration for his high professionalism and significant personal contribution to the implementation of the tasks of modern state policy in the field of healthcare, charitable organizations and foundations for helping children, large families and those in need.